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The Transgourmet Group broadens its expertise in seafood and freshness and is committed to digital solutions in food service. The Bell Food Group extends its know-how in freshness and convenience and develops sustainable and pioneering products. With the addition of fresh dough, the Coop bakeries ensure even fresher breads in sales outlets. Cave produces its first own Spumante sparkling wine.

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Transgourmet Group

With subsidiary Transgourmet Holding AG, the Coop Group is active in the cash & carry and wholesale supplies market in Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, France, Austria and Switzerland. In 2018, the Transgourmet Group generated net sales of 9.7 billion francs from 145 cash & carry stores and the wholesale supplies business, which equates to growth of 6.9% year on year. The company was thus able to further consolidate its position as the second-biggest in European wholesale. Transgourmet generated sales of 291 million francs from sustainable ranges in 2018. This was only possible thanks to exceptional commitment, as sustainable ranges are nowhere near as developed in wholesale as they are in retail, for instance.


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Review of 2018

  • Growing expertise in seafood at Transgourmet
  • More freshness at Transgourmet
  • Bolstering expertise in beverages
  • Transgourmet committed to digital 360-degree service
  • Expansion of Transgourmet ranges: sustainable, affordable and exclusive
  • Foundations for growth: new locations with sustainable architecture
  • Digitalization increases efficiency in supply chain management
  • Award-winning sustainability at Transgourmet
  • Transgourmet committed to sustainable cross-border logistics

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The Coop Group also includes numerous manufacturing companies, chief among them the Bell Food Group, in which Coop is a majority shareholder. The Bell Food Group, which is one of the leading companies in meat processing and the production of convenience products in Europe, gives Coop a strong international presence.

Net sales of the Coop Cooperative Production segment grew to CHF 802 million in 2018. Added to this are net sales for the Bell Food Group, which increased to CHF 4.1 billion. Total sales of sustainable ranges in Production came to 1.2 billion francs in 2018. Coop therefore increased its sales of sustainable products in the Production area by 15.7% year on year.

Bell Food Group

In the year under review, the Bell Food Group forged further ahead with the expansion of the Convenience business. As of January 2018, Bell acquired two companies, Hügli and Sylvain & Co. The Convenience business area now accounts for around a quarter of the Bell Food Group’s consolidated sales. To finance the forward-looking strategy in the convenience segment, in June 2018 the Bell Food Group carried out a successful capital increase. This enabled the Group to generate fresh capital of more than 600 million francs, which is to be used for the acquisition of Hügli and other investment projects. Sales of goods of the Bell Food Group increased by 15.4 percent in 2018, to 4.1 billion francs. At 542.9 million kilograms, the sales volume is 89.1 million kilograms (+19.6%) higher than the previous year. The growth is attributable to the acquisitions, currency effects and organic growth.

Hügli develops, produces and markets soups, sauces, desserts and spices and employs around 1 500 staff. The company operates ten locations in all, in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the UK. Hügli’s range, which is geared towards long-life convenience products, is the ideal complement to the Bell Food Group’s existing range of ultra-fresh and fresh convenience products. The distribution channels are also complementary, in that they are geared to retail and catering. Moreover, Hügli strengthens the Bell Food Group’s presence in key European markets.

Sylvain & Co. is one of Switzerland’s biggest providers of ultra-fresh convenience products and is based in Essert-sous-Champvent, canton of Vaud. The company specializes in manufacturing fresh and ready-prepared salads, vegetables and fruit and employs a workforce of around 180. By acquiring Sylvain & Co, Eisberg is expanding its production capacity in Switzerland in this growing product group. The integration of the two companies is progressing according to schedule, and initial synergies have already been leveraged.


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Review of 2018

  • Bell Food Group invests in cultured meat
  • Hilcona widens range of vegetarian products

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Coop manufacturing companies

Review of 2018

  • Great success with speciality wood-fired baked goods
  • Big investments in in-store bakeries and fresh dough
  • Cave begins producing Spumante sparking wine
  • Export sales of 60 million francs at Chocolats Halba/Sunray

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