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The Transgourmet Group expands in the foodservice segment and offers the full range of cross-channel services. Bell AG becomes the Bell Food Group, which continues to expand its expertise in the fresh and convenience segment through various acquisitions. The Chocolats Halba / Sunray production facilities are up and running. In Schafisheim, Europe’s biggest wood-fired oven becomes operational.

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Transgourmet Group

With subsidiary Transgourmet Holding AG, the Coop Group is active in the cash & carry and whole­sale supplies market in Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, France, Austria and Switzerland. In 2017, the Transgourmet Group generated net sales of 9.1 billion francs from 142 cash & carry stores and wholesale supplies, which equates to growth of 6.3% year on year. The company was thus able to further consolidate its position as the number two in European wholesale. Transgourmet generated sales of 257 million francs from sustainable ranges in 2017. This was only possible thanks to exceptional commitment, as sustainable ranges are nowhere near as developed in wholesale as they are in retail, for instance.


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Review of 2017

  • Transgourmet continues to expand
  • Transgourmet broadens its beverages expertise
  • Transgourmet lays the foundation for the future with new building projects
  • Expansion of foodservice activities at Transgourmet
  • Diverse online projects at Transgourmet
  • Commitment to sustainable sourcing
  • Transgourmet committed to sustainability in logistics
  • Social initiatives at Transgourmet

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The Wholesale / Production business area also includes the Coop Group’s numerous manufacturing companies, chief among them the Bell Food Group, in which Coop is a majority shareholder. The Bell Food Group ensures a strong, international presence for Coop.

Net sales of the Coop Group’s manufacturing companies grew to 759 million francs in 2017, and net sales of the Bell Food Group to 3.5 billion francs. Total sales in the production of sustainable ranges came to 1.1 billion francs in 2017. Coop therefore increased its sales of sustainable products in the production area by 41.2% year on year.

Bell Food Group

As one of Europe’s leading meat and convenience food processors, in the first half of 2017 Bell had to contend with a sharp rise in raw material prices for meat throughout Europe and for plant-based raw materials from Spain. The price trend squeezed margins, as there is very little scope to pass on price increases to customers. The situation eased during the second half of the year. In the meat and charcuterie area in particular, however, this development will have a delayed effect on margins in some cases. Nonetheless, the Bell Food Group again generated net sales in excess of 3.5 billion francs in 2017.

The annual general meeting of 11 April 2017 resolved to rename Bell AG to Bell Food Group AG. By making this change, the company is aligning with the strategy of recent years as a result of which the company has transformed from a Swiss meat processor to one of the leading meat and convenience food processors in Europe. The convenience food area now accounts for almost a fifth of the Bell Food Group’s sales. With the name change, a new logo and a new corporate design were created for the Bell Food Group. The Bell Food Group now comprises the business areas Bell, Hilcona and Eisberg.


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Review of 2017

  • Full acquisition of Hilcona and takeover of Hügli
  • Group-wide sustainability strategy

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Coop manufacturing companies

Review of 2017

  • Modern manufacturing companies – opening of Pratteln site
  • Central production of frozen dough products in Schafisheim
  • Products from the wood-fired oven
  • Coop Sustainability Fund promotes sustainable rice cultivation

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