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The Transgourmet Group’s wholesale supply business has been badly hit by the closure of catering establishments during Covid and specifically promotes sustainable products. Bell consolidates its position on the convenience market. Coop’s manufacturing companies cope with high demand in supermarkets during the pandemic.

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Transgourmet Group

With subsidiary Transgourmet Holding AG, the Coop Group is active in the cash & carry and wholesale supplies market in Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, France, Austria and Switzerland. Like all wholesalers, Transgourmet had to contend with the impact of the Covid pandemic. As a result, in 2020 it generated net sales of 8.1 billion francs from its cash & carry stores and wholesale supplies, which equates to an index of 86.7% in local currency. Nonetheless, Transgourmet was able to further consolidate its position as the second-biggest in European wholesale over the last year. Transgourmet generated sales of 315 million francs from sustainable ranges in 2020. In response to high customer demand, these ranges will be further expanded in 2021.


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Review of 2020

  • Challenging Covid situation at Transgourmet
  • Standardized rules with an international code of conduct
  • New organic own-label brand Natura
  • Transgourmet Germany committed to combating food waste
  • Transgourmet France committed to regional products
  • First vegan burger in the range
  • Transgourmet Digital Magazin launches
  • Several accolades for Frischeparadies

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The Coop Group also includes numerous manufacturing companies, chief among them the Bell Food Group, in which Coop is a majority shareholder. The Bell Food Group, which is one of the leading companies in meat processing and the production of convenience products in Europe, gives Coop a strong international presence.

Net sales of the Coop Cooperative Production segment grew to 852 million francs in 2020. Added to this are net sales for the Bell Food Group, which increased to over 4 billion francs. Total sales of sustainable ranges in Production came to around 1.5 billion francs in 2020. Coop therefore increased its sales of sustainable products in the production area by 15.7% year on year.

Bell Food Group

Thanks to its broad-based business model, the Bell Food Group had a successful financial year in 2020 in overall terms and made clear progress at the operating level. The upturn was attributable to the strategic measures implemented in previous years. In addition, the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis – coupled with the impact of the government measures taken to contain it – had a substantial influence on business.


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Review of 2020

  • Challenges met
  • Contrasting impacts of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Growth in core business
  • Well equipped for the future
  • Highlights from the Bell Food Group

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Coop manufacturing companies

Review of 2020

  • High demand for Steinfels Swiss disinfectants during Covid pandemic
  • Swissmill supplies the population with grain
  • Chocolats Halba/Sunray successful on the Asian market
  • Highlights from Coop’s manufacturing companies

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