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Transgourmet enters Europe’s biggest catering market with its acquisition of GM Foods in Spain. In response to the trend for meat-free diets, international product brand “Plant-based” is launched. The Covid pandemic continues to take a toll on the business figures of restaurant and catering suppliers and, by extension, the Transgourmet Group. The Bell Food Group makes large-scale investments, and the Coop manufacturing companies strike the right note with outstanding sustainable projects.

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Transgourmet Group

With subsidiary Transgourmet Holding AG, the Coop Group is active in the cash & carry and wholesale supplies market in Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, France, Austria, Switzerland, and now Spain. Like all wholesalers, Transgourmet had to contend with the impact of the Covid pandemic but recovered well. As a result, in 2021 it generated net sales of CHF 9.1 billion from its cash & carry stores and whole-sale supplies, which equates to an increase of 12.2%. Transgourmet was able to further consolidate its position as the second biggest in European wholesale over the last year. Transgourmet generated sales of CHF 478 million from sustainable ranges in 2021.


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Review of 2021

  • Transgourmet expands into Spain
  • Transgourmet launches new international brand “Plant-based”
  • Newcomer award for “The Green Mountain” burger
  • Making life in the kitchen easier with Smart Cuisine
  • Standard IT landscape
  • Fresh menus from a vending machine
  • Construction starts on new wholesale catering market in Austria

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The Coop Group also includes numerous manufacturing companies, chief among them the Bell Food Group, in which Coop is a majority shareholder. The Bell Food Group, which is one of the leading companies in meat processing and the production of convenience products in Europe, gives Coop a strong international presence.

Net sales of the Coop Cooperative Production segment came to CHF 820 million in 2021. Added to this are net sales for the Bell Food Group, which increased to almost CHF 4.2 billion. Total sales of sustainable ranges in Produc-tion came to around CHF 1.5 billion in 2021. Coop therefore increased its sales of sustainable products in the produc-tion area by 2.2% year on year.

Bell Food Group

Thanks to a strong retail business, the Bell Food Group was able in 2021 to build on the previous year’s good foundation and reported a successful financial year. Key to this good performance was the core business with meat and convenience products on the domestic market in Switzerland. All business are as contributed to the positive figures.

The Bell Switzerland Business Area once again achieved a good result across all product groups, most notably poultry and seafood, which have been growing steadily for years and made a significant contribution. Although business was boosted by the return of some shopping tourism, tourist numbers remained below pre-pandemic levels in the year under review.

In the Bell International Business Area, the strategic focus on sustainable poultry products and international cured ham specialities is proving a staunch success. The business with organic poultry notched up substantial growth in the year under review. Thanks to an attractive product range of high-quality specialities and innovative packaging solutions, the Bell Food Group also performed well in the cured ham segment despite the overall downward trend on the European cured ham market.

After a previous year marred by Covid, the Convenience Business Area recovered slightly in 2021, again thanks largely to the solid performance of Swiss retail. The business area also benefited from an increase in sales in the food service and to-go convenience areas. Vegetarian and vegan products sold well, posting significant growth in the year under review.


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Review of 2021

  • Pandemic affects business
  • Setting a strategic course for a successful future

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Coop manufacturing companies

Review of 2021

  • HALBA secures 1st place in the “Easter Scorecard” rating
  • Swissmill committed to upcycling
  • New building for cosmetic manufacture at Steinfels

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