Coop is growing and gaining market share

The Coop Group continued to grow successfully in 2017 and steadily expanded its position: On the one hand new formats and product innovations coupled with organic growth helped Coop to further consolidate its market position in the Swiss retail sector. At the same time, the Wholesale and Production business areas staged clear advances. Overall, the Coop Group generated sales of 29.2 billion francs, which equates to sales growth of 3.1%. Our sales from sustainable products grew by 10.4% to 4.3 billion francs. Coop became a world champion in terms of sustainability and outperformed 147 international retailers in over 100 categories.

Net sales in the retail segment rose to 17.4 billion francs. Both supermarkets and specialist formats advanced again. This went hand in hand with a clear improvement in market share: we increased footfall by a strong 5.7% in our supermarkets.

Once again, we stood out as the innovation leader in Swiss retail. We opened the Karma Shop – a store exclusively for gourmet-quality vegetarian and vegan products. With Sapori d’Italia we devoted a store entirely to Switzerland’s most popular cuisine. We created an innovative, cross-platform format with Fooby: the latest food trends are now accessible at all times and from anywhere, from the store to mobile devices. We turned shopping into a new experience with fresh, regional produce in a market-like atmosphere at the Coop megastore in Seewen. We also sent out a strong message in logistics and production in 2017: In October, the Coop production centre opened in Pratteln Salina Raurica, in which the production of Cave and Chocolats Halba / Sunray and the most modern private quality laboratory in Switzerland are housed.

Net sales of the second pillar – Wholesale / Production – rose by 6.2% to 13 billion francs in 2017, which is an extremely positive performance. The Transgourmet Group generated net sales of 9.1 billion francs and recorded growth of 6.3%. The wholesale catering supplies company thus remained on course to become the leading European cash & carry and wholesale supplies company. In 2017, the Transgourmet Group again concentrated its efforts on expanding its foodservice business. Having acquired Gastronovi, a supplier of digital solutions for the catering trade, and beverage service provider Team Beverage, Transgourmet now offers the full range of wholesale catering services. Moreover, with the launch of own-label sustainability brand Vonatur in Austria, Transgourmet is now the first international wholesale catering supplies company to supply sustainable products across the board.

In a move indicative of its new strategic direction of recent years, in April 2017 the Bell group adopted a new name, Bell Food Group AG. The Bell Food Group has evolved from a Swiss meat processor to Europe’s leading meat and convenience food specialist and is now divided into the business areas Bell, Hilcona and Eisberg. In taking over Hügli Holding AG on 15 January 2018, the Bell Food Group is supplementing its business activities with durable convenience products.

We continued our e-commerce drive in 2017 and generated sales growth of 18.5% to 1.7 billion francs. Coop@home was able to greatly expand its service range with a digital meat, fish and cheese counter. Online consumer electronics shops posted a sharp rise with growth of 25.8% and sales of 432 million francs. With over 1 100 Pick-up stations, Coop also has the largest cross-platform network of Pick-up stations in Switzerland.

With its wide array of innovations, Coop is already delivering the future of retail today. Digitalization and the broadening of expertise in the Retail and Wholesale / Production business areas will ensure that, in future, our products reach customers even fresher and faster. We have more than 86 000 committed employees who have been highly instrumental in this process, to whom we extend our sincerest gratitude.


Hansueli Loosli
Chairman of
the Board of Directors
Joos Sutter
Chairman of
the Executive Committee