Strategy and operating environment

With new ranges, the expansion of modern store concepts and new formats, Coop is making a statement which strengthens its position on the Swiss retail market. Coop is committed in all areas to digitalization, is automating processes and is adapting its supply chain to new demands. In wholesale, Coop is working with Transgourmet to broaden its expertise and is expanding in its existing markets. Coop is committed to sustaina­bility and verticalization in the production of strategically important goods and benefits from an efficient organization.


Profile of the Coop Group

  • Active in retail as well as wholesale and production
  • The Coop Group is a cooperative

Strategies and objectives

  • Aligned to the Corporate Profile
  • Growth and internationalization
  • Verticalization
  • Digitalization
  • Purchasing strategy
  • Quality strategy
  • Goal-setting process

Economic and political environment

  • Declining sales in Swiss retail
  • Developments in wholesale and industry
  • Swiss vote against “Fair Food” and “Food Sovereignty” initiatives
  • Coop is committed to sustainable transportation of goods
  • Coop’s commitment to sustainability in Swiss agriculture

Details on these topics