Strategy and operating environment

New formats and range innovations, and the use of digitalization for new cross-channel products and ­services strengthen Coop’s position in the Swiss retail sector. In wholesale,with Transgourmet the Coop Group is aiming for both organic growth and expansion into new markets. Coop is committed to verticalization in the production of strategically important goods.


Profile of the Coop Group

  • Active in retail as well as wholesale and production
  • The Coop Group is a cooperative

Strategies and objectives

  • Aligned to the Corporate Profile
  • Growth and internationalization
  • Verticalization
  • Digitalization
  • Purchasing strategy
  • Quality strategy
  • Goal-setting process

Economic and political environment

  • Current trends in Swiss retail
  • Developments in wholesale and industry
  • Coop is committed to an efficient transport infrastructure and liberal regulations
  • Coop is calling for the systematic further development of sustainable, market-oriented agriculture
  • In sugar consumption, Coop is committed to freedom of choice and transparent information
  • Coop is in favour of a liberal and EU-compatible data protection act

Details on these topics