To the top with sustainability

Sustainability is part of Coop’s corporate DNA and imbues all its relevant strategies. The focus is on sustainable products, the environment and climate protection as well as commitment to employees and society. With its approach to sustainability management, Coop is seeking to make a substantial contribution to the company’s success and the wider public.



  • Strong awareness of sustainability
  • Holistic and highly relevant
  • The strategic basis
  • Pillar 1: Sustainable products
  • Pillar 2: Environmental and climate protection
  • Pillar 3: Employees and social commitment
  • Instruments and processes
  • Coop Sustainability Fund
  • Strategic anchoring in wholesale and production


Overarching topics in the area of sustainability

  • Coop is committed to organic palm oil in conventional products
  • Coop is the co-founder of the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa
  • Relaunch of the actions-not-words website

Details on these topics
The progress made with implementation is communicated in the Sustainability Progress Report, which is published online in May of each year at

Sustainability strategy


Actions, not words no. 225

We have specific, ambitious sustainability goals up to 2020