Strong inner drive for sustainability

Sustainability is part of Coop’s corporate DNA and imbues all its relevant strategies. The focus is on sustainable products, environmental and climate protection as well as commitment to employees and society. Coop’s approach to sustainability management is key to a sustainably successful future.



  • Strong awareness of sustainability
  • The strategic basis
  • Pillar 1: Sustainable product ranges
  • Pillar 2: Environment and climate protection
  • Pillar 3: Employees and social commitment
  • Coop Sustainability Fund: CHF 80 million by 2026
  • Sustainability progress report


Overarching topics in the area of sustainability

Responsibility in supply chains

  • 1st place at the Swiss Fairtrade Awards
  • Coop adopts strategy for living wages in its supply chains
  • Value-based Supply Chain Management

Long-term protection of natural resources

  • Coop does not use conventional palm oil in any of its dough and fresh baked goods range

Net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest

  • Expansion of photovoltaic units
  • Transgourmet Germany’s deliveries are climate-neutral
  • Even greater reliance on rail in Logistics

Vision of a zero-waste business

  • Still committed to combating food waste

Progressive employer

  • Coop promotes inclusion

Social responsibility

  • Day of good deeds 2022
  • Transgourmet France supports the sustainable nutrition of the future

Details on these topics

Sustainability strategy


Actions, not words no. 225

We have specific and ambitious sustainability goals