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With innovative ranges, a focus on sustainability, the expansion of modern store concepts and new formats, Coop is making a statement which strengthens its position on the Swiss retail market. Coop is driving forward digitalization in all areas, automating processes, and adapting its supply chain to new demands. In wholesale, Coop is working with Transgourmet to broaden its expertise and is expanding in its existing markets as well as new ones. Coop is committed to sustainability and verticalization in the production of strategically important goods and benefits from an efficient organization.
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Active in retail as well as wholesale and production

The Coop Group operates in the retail as well as wholesale and production sectors. In the retail sector, Coop operates supermarkets and various specialist formats in Switzerland. The Coop Group is the market leader in many of these formats. In wholesale, the Coop Group operates in Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland through Transgourmet. The Transgourmet Group is Europe’s second-largest cash & carry and food service company. In the production sector, the internationally active Bell Food Group is the biggest company in the Coop Group. In addition to the Bell Food Group, the Coop Group also operates other manufacturing companies in Switzerland.

Coop is a cooperative

The Coop Group has a history that goes back around 160 years and has always been structured along cooperative lines. At the organizational level, it is divided into six regions and has some 2.5 million cooperative members. For the Coop Group, the focus is on the customers – the members of the cooperative. The company gears all its efforts to their needs. As a cooperative, the Coop Group does not strive to maximize profits; because of this, it plans and invests sustainably for the long term.

Strategy structure

New strategy structure of the Coop Group

As of 1 January 2024 a new strategy structure is in use at the Coop Group, which includes a new group vision for all 95 826 employees: “Together for our customers”. The strategy structure summarizes the group’s focus areas: “leader in retail trade in Switzerland”, “leader in European catering supply” and “leader in verticalized production”. The strategy structure is based on the new corporate profile, which applies to all sales formats and companies of the Coop Group. It shows how we perceive our work, the values we live by and how we conduct ourselves: customer-focused, entrepreneurial and responsible. It also provides the basis for the new management principles. The strategic framework comprises three core dimensions: sustainability, digitalization and profitability. At Coop, sustainability is enshrined in all relevant strategies and processes. Coop is pursuing two main strategic thrusts where digitalization is concerned. The core aims are to meet individual customer requirements to an even greater degree while also simplifying the shopping process. At the same time, it should make behind-the-scenes processes even more efficient and economical, and ensure uninterrupted IT security. As a retailer, Coop also faces strong competition. To enable it to continue conducting sustainable business in a challenging, competitive environment, it is important for Coop as a cooperative to achieve reasonable level of profits. The strategies of the business areas represent the driving force behind the company’s various divisions. These are closely linked to the specific developments and the individual sectors and countries.

Goal-setting process

The goals for all divisions of the company are derived from the strategies for the various business areas. To achieve these goals, the Coop Group has since 2001 had a uniform, top-down goal-setting process in place, in which concrete measures are developed right down to the operational levels.