Coop Group in figures

Coop achieved strong sales growth in 2018. Sales increased by CHF 1.5 billion to CHF 30.7 billion, which equates to growth of 5.0%. EBITDA rose by 5.5% to reach CHF 2.1 billion. Profit came to CHF 473 million, placing it almost on a par with the previous year (-2.6%).

Both the Retail and the Wholesale / Production business areas contributed to the growth. Retail grew by 1.9% to CHF 17.7 billion, while the Wholesale / Production business area posted growth of 9.0% to CHF 14.2 billion.

The online segment enjoyed strong growth: sales were up 20.6% to more than CHF 2.3 billion.

In terms of sustainability, Coop remains the undisputed market leader, with growth of 9.7% to CHF 4.7 billion. A total of CHF 1.7 billion was achieved from organic products alone, which equates to a growth of 19.1%.
The “Coop Group in figures” section of the Annual Report includes the key figures for the Coop Group, a report on the business year and the consolidated financial statements in accordance with the accounting and reporting recommendations of the Swiss Foundation for Accounting and Reporting (Swiss GAAP ARR).

As sustainability is an integral component of all strategies and projects at Coop, the “Coop Group in figures” section of the Annual Report also includes sustainability key figures. The “Sustainability Progress Report” of the Coop Group, which is published online annually in May, contains detailed key figures on sustainability.

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