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34 666
Total sales in CHF million
20 806
Total sales retail in CHF million
16 575
Total sales wholesale/production in CHF million
33 558
Nettoerlös in Mia. CHF
Profit in CHF million
95 826
Employees at 31.12

Coop Group in figures

Coop continued to grow in 2023 and generated sales of CHF 34.7 billion. This equates to a rise of 2.2% after adjusting for exchange rates. The supermarket business and Wholesale / Production business area were major drivers in this. The organic own-label brand Naturaplan grew by a strong 9.2% in its anniversary year. At CHF 575 million, profit was higher than the previous year, despite high levels of investment in attractive prices. The profit will be fully reinvested in the company. The workforce grew to almost 96 000 employees, with Coop in Switzerland welcoming 948 additional members of staff.

The net sales of the Coop supermarkets, including, grew by CHF 278 million or 2.4% to CHF 11.8 billion. Total sales in the Wholesale / Production business area increased by 5.5% to CHF 16.6 billion after adjusting for exchange rates.

Sustainability net sales also rose by a substantial CHF 320 million to CHF 6.3 billion, meaning that Coop is still the clear number 1 in Switzerland for sustainability.

The “Coop Group in figures” section of the Annual Report includes the key figures for the Coop Group, a report on the business year and the consolidated financial statements in accordance with the accounting and reporting recommendations of the Swiss Foundation for Accounting and Reporting (Swiss GAAP ARR).

As sustainability is an integral component of all strategies and projects at Coop, the “Coop Group in figures” section of the Annual Report also includes sustainability key figures. The “Sustainability Progress Report” of the Coop Group, which is published online annually in June, contains detailed key figures on sustainability.