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30 years of Naturaplan
The first organic brand on the Swiss retail market celebrates its anniversary: in collaboration with Bio Suisse, Coop launched its pioneering Coop Naturaplan brand in 1993, under which it has marketed environmentally-friendly, animal-friendly products and completed sustainable projects for more than three decades.
Years of Naturaplan
New cosmetics production facility at Steinfels
Steinfels Swiss is investing around 35 million Swiss francs in a new cosmetics production building. This will ensure that the manufacturing company is optimally equipped to meet growing demand for sustainable Swiss cosmetics while also increasing capacity for the manufacture of disinfectants, detergents and cleaning products.
Investment in affordable consumer prices
Despite a challenging economic environment, Coop was able to lower the prices of over 1 000 products. With Prix Garantie, Coop already offers a selection of over 1 500 everyday essentials at low prices.
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price reductions
Supermarket managed by apprentices
In Deisswil (Canton Bern), Coop has launched a sales outlet that is being managed by apprentices for one whole year. Coop is one of the largest providers of apprenticeships in Switzerland, each year offering over 1 000 young people vocational training in 32 different professions. As a cooperative, Coop is committed to providing innovative, comprehensive vocational training.
different professions
Rehabilitation of the Breil/Brigels dairy
Coop is enabling the urgent rehabilitation of the Breil/Brigels dairy via the proceeds from its traditional “1 August rolls promotion” with a total donation of 610 000 Swiss francs.
610 000
donation in CHF
Digital banking and pensions solutions with Coop Finance+
In collaboration with several partners in the financial and digital services sector, Coop is the first company in Switzerland to launch a new, fully online solution for financial and pensions products, in the form of Coop Finance+.
Transgourmet receives multiple awards
Transgourmet Germany won PETA’s “Vegan Food Award” in the “Best vegan brand” category, was a finalist in the “Eco Performance Award” for “Green Logistics”, was awarded “Employer of the Future” by the Innovationsinstitut für Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung (innovation institute for sustainability and digitalization), and achieved the best score in the sector in the “Sustainability Rating” by “ecovadis Seafood Star 2024” for its own-label brand Ursprung at the 2023 Fish International trade fair.
Tremendous involvement in the fourth “Day of good deeds”
With the goal of “doing good together”, the Swiss population did hundreds of thousands of good deeds for the environment and society on Coop’s fourth day of good deeds, which took place in May. Alongside a number of organizations and the key partners, this year hundreds of associations also made a major contribution.
Partnership with the Swiss Gymnastics Federation
Coop supports recreational sport in the field of gymnastics as a platinum partner of the Swiss Gymnastics Federation, reinforcing its long-standing commitment to gymnastics associations.
Numerous real estate products implemented
In the reporting year, Coop completed 17 real estate products, including one new build and 16 modernizations, renovations or restructurings.
real estate products
Transgourmet takes over Pomona Suisse AG
Transgourmet Switzerland Ltd. has taken over Pomona Suisse AG, a company in the French Pomona Group. The acquisition will result in an expanded product range for customers as well as boosting our logistics capacity.
Coop named the world’s fairest retailer
Coop was named the world’s fairest retailer by Fairtrade International at the Fairtrade Partner of the Year awards held in Nairobi.
Activation rate of over 90% for the employee app
Just one year after its launch, over 90% of employees have already activated the myCoop employee app. This app enables information to be shared and exchanged within the company and provides access to key services.
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activation rate
Donations for emergency aid in earthquake regions and for those affected by the landslide
Coop has supported the victims of the earthquakes in Morocco, Turkey and Syria as well as those affected by the landslide in Schwanden (Canton Glarus) with funds totalling around 130 000 Swiss francs.
130 000
donation in CHF
The first organic Swiss oat drinks
Coop has reinforced its commitment as a pioneer of organic products by being the first retailer to offer Swiss oat drinks with Bio Suisse Bud certification under its own-label brand Karma.
Halba is Switzerland’s most sustainable chocolate manufacturer
Chocolate manufacturer Halba has received top marks for its socially and ecologically sustainable production from the Mighty Earth environmental organization. No other Swiss producer has achieved better results.
Interdiscount greatly expands its online offering
The and online shops are being merged, leading to a significant expansion of the offering
A successful Green Business Partner Conference
Coop welcomed some 150 business partners and suppliers to the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach in order to draw up measures and strategies for achieving the net zero targets by 2050 at the latest. Coop and the other participants affirmed the importance of sustainable
trade through specific statements of intent with regard to reducing CO2e emissions.