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Sustainability is part of Coop’s corporate DNA and imbues all its relevant strategies. The focus is on sustainable products, environmental and climate protection as well as commitment to employees and society. Coop’s approach to sustainability management is key to its long-term success.
Details on these topics

Pillar 1: Sustainable product ranges

Coop is committed to observing ambitious minimum requirements along the whole value chain, in all product ranges. In addition, Coop is involved in pioneering sourcing projects and long-term partnerships to promote organic farming, fair trade, animal welfare and biodiversity. The own-label sustainability brands and quality seals play an important role here, being the medium through which Coop sets itself apart with the most stringent standards in Swiss retail. Coop promotes sustainable consumption, with conscious range selection, targeted customer information and a variety of advertising activities. Since 2012, this strong commitment has yielded an increase of 194% in turnover from organic products and of 258% in total sales of sustainable products. Coop has the biggest sustainability range in Swiss retail and the world’s largest selection of Fairtrade goods.

Pillar 2: Environment and climate protection

Coop is committed to scientifically based climate targets and has confirmed this commitment to effective climate protection by signing the Science Based Targets initiative. In keeping with this, Coop regularly calculates its CO2e emissions and sets ambitious and effective targets in all of its business areas. By 2026, Coop will have reduced CO2e emissions in areas it can directly influence by a further 21%, and will have begun reducing emissions in its supply chains and in upstream processes. Using resources efficiently is also a priority: Coop is aiming to be a zero waste company and to close its energy and material cycles wherever possible, as well as systematically reducing its own water consumption.

Pillar 3: Employees and social commitment

As a cooperative, Coop has a special commitment to society and its employees as well as to its members. Almost 39 000 employees throughout the country benefit from the best collective employment agreement in the Swiss retail sector, a wide range of training and development opportunities and good career prospects. Coop is also the second-largest provider of apprenticeships in Switzerland. Coop works with a variety of different partners to directly support the well-being of the community, and encourages its employees and the rest of the population to do good deeds.