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Coop is one of the most attractive employers in the Swiss retail sector, receives acclaim for its fair compensation, and makes significant investments in the training and professional development of its employees. The management principles for senior management have been revised.
Details on these topics
95 826
Employees at 31.12
3 325
Trainees at 31.12

Highlights 2023

The table below includes a selection of highlights from the year under review.

Attractiveness as an employer

Positive salary development at the Coop Cooperative, with wages increasing by 10.7% since 2014
Providing career development opportunities via retraining schemes in areas such as facility maintenance, catering, transport and bakeries
Successful implementation of preliminary integration apprenticeships for refugees and young people who have recently arrived in Switzerland, resulting in regular apprenticeships and positions as floor managers
Expansion and digital networking for the female executives network, and increasing the proportion of women in management through a specific series of measures

Enterprise and management

New Coop management principles based on the new strategy structure for all members of senior management (approx. 8 300)
Advanced training: Providing over 1 300 internal courses, including training on safety, hygiene and specialist topics, as well as management courses with a particular focus on self-management
Ensuring equal pay between women and men through “Fair Compensation” certification, renewed confirmation of the remuneration policy through regular audits

Change management

Comprehensive digitalization and optimization of HR processes, including the conversion of analogue processes, increasing the proportion of digitally connected employees to over 90%, and conducting some 19 000 digital HR workflows each month

A gratifying year for the CPV/CAP Pension Fund

2023 was a gratifying year for the CPV/CAP Coop Pension Fund. Almost all asset categories posted revaluation gains. The performance of the CPV/CAP Coop Pension Fund amounted to +5.1%. CPV/CAP Coop Pension Fund interest on retirement assets in 2023 was 2%. The provisional interest rate for 2024 is also 2.0%. Pensions remained unchanged, and this will also be the case in 2024. At 40 817, the number of active members was higher than in the previous year (40 328 active members). The number of pensioners rose by 463 people to 22 512 at the end of 2023.

I owe my career to Coop.
Isabel Andueza
Former Coop apprentice,
now manager of Import Parfumerie Volketswil
Isabel Andueza