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Coop celebrates 30 years of Naturaplan, receives the Fairtrade Global Award and despite a challenging environment, remains committed to low prices. The and online shops are merged and the offer significantly expanded.
Details on these topics
Total sales in CHF billion
50 825
Employees at 31.12

Supermarkets and food formats

The Coop supermarkets generated net sales of 11.846 billion Swiss francs in 2023. With 965 stores, Coop has the densest network of sales outlets in Switzerland. In the 2023 financial year, 15 new sales outlets were opened and 11 closed. Coop implemented the new store concept 2025+ in a total of 48 supermarkets in 2023, bringing the total number of new-style supermarkets to 294.

Non-Food formats

The Coop Non-Food specialist formats generated net sales of 8.023 billion Swiss francs in 2023. The 16 different formats (counting Coop Mineraloel and Heizöl as one format) comprise 1 464 sales outlets and operations. New shop designs were implemented at 42 sales outlets. The specialist formats are dedicated to omnichannel strategies and are investing in new, attractive shop designs and modern online shops. They are also integrated in the Supercard app.

Own-label brands and quality labels

At Coop, customers find the largest selection of national and international brand-name items in all price segments, with the focus on enjoyment, sustainability, regional produce, environment, low prices and lifestyle. With independent quality labels, Coop is committed to a sustainable product range and works closely with independent organizations to promote sustainable development. The Naturaplan own-label sustainability brand, for example, is the largest organic brand in Switzerland. With Naturaplan, Coop looks consistently to the Bio Suisse Bud label, including for processing and imports. For Naturafarm, Coop scores top marks on animal welfare. Oecoplan offers an environmentally friendly alternative to almost every conventional household, gardening, DIY or construction product. Coop is the world leader in marketing fairtrade organic cotton. It is also a leading retailer in Switzerland and worldwide as a provider of Fairtrade Max Havelaar-certified products. With Prix Garantie Coop sells quality products at low prices.


In 2023, Coop started construction of a total of 10 real estate projects and completed 17, including 1 new build and 16 modernizations, renovations or restructuring projects. The attractiveness of the properties is continually enhanced by revitalization and renovation measures.